Here at Abra Power, we believe in meeting each client’s specific needs, from big projects to small ones, we can help you with any and all of your shopfitting requirements.

Abra Power is a company that prides itself in working with the best quality materials, to deliver high standard projects ensuring profitable results. Client satisfaction is also very important to us, and we strive to help your business in any way we can.

Having worked in everything from big chain restaurants to small eateries, our team of designers have the passion and the experience needed to make your fit-out project a successful one. We will work tirelessly with you to make sure each and every aspect of the design is to your liking, focusing on enhancing each location to the client’s vision and making it a reality.


At Abra Power, we aim to help your business in every single step of the shopfitting process.

Bars are an important feature in the restaurants that have them, they must be inviting enough design-wise to urge your customers to stay for a while and have a few drinks. Our ability to manufacture joinery to our clients’ specifications make us uniquely qualified to help your restaurant set up its bar, offering beautifully crafted wood serving counters to give your restaurant the look and feel you’re after.

Of course, no restaurant would be complete without a great kitchen.

Our company offers all the fit-out services your business will require, including kitchen installation. We believe in giving our clients exactly what they need, and to that end, we will help you design the space as well as install an amazing commercial kitchen that will make your restaurant complete. No project is too big for us, our team is more than capable of handling demanding jobs such as this one.

Woodwork is a great way to bring some warmth to your restaurant’s environment, and with our joinery services you will have access to pieces that were custom made to fit your premises.

Our company works with only the best raw material and the most talented joiners so that we can build joinery for your restaurant that will be of the highest quality as well as beautifully crafted. Our joiners also work with a vast array of materials, offering you plenty of options in finishes so that you will have the joinery that best fits your vision for your business.

If you want it, we can design it and manufacture it!